What steps do you need to take to reach this goal. Connect with us today to learn more about home ownership. We provide you with the lowest rates, best mortgage programs that fits your need.


What steps do you need to take to reach this goal. Connect with us today to learn more about home ownership. We provide you with the lowest rates and best mortgage program that fits your need.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Home Purchase

The preapproval provides documentation of how much you have been approved to borrow. The preapproval is one of the most important steps in the home buying process as it proves to the sellers and buyers real estate agent that you are committed to purchasing a house. The preapproval includes loan type, loan amount, purchase price, loan program, interest rate, and the length of the preapproval before expiration.

Buying a home is a big step in one’s life, but how do you know if you are ready? Homebuyers need to have the income to support mortgages payments, utilities, and maintenance on a house. Homebuyers also need to be in good financial health to do so, which includes a down payment in most cases, little debt, and most importantly, are you ready to be a homeowner?

When renting, you will be paying rent every month, for decades without benefiting from an appreciating real estate market. The benefits of buying a house are plenty. The house is yours and you are free to tailor it to your exact needs. Once the housing market increases, you can benefit from an appreciated asset, instead of paying a landlord 10’s of thousands of dollars over the years.

When preapproving a mortgage, lenders look for many different things. One of the most important aspects of a mortgage is a person’s income relative to their total debt, call the debt-to-income ratio (DTI). Other aspects that are taken into account are the person's credit score, down payment, loan type, and assets.

Purchasing a home is a personal endeavor, as every person and every family has their particular wants and needs. Depending on the family, they might require a 2 bedroom home with a large back yard, others might look for a townhouse. What an individual looks for in a house is based on what their family needs in terms of living space and amenities.

The final day has come to close on a house, but what should you expect? Many buyers do a final walk through the property as a final inspection and can happen a day or a week before closing. At closing, there will be several people who are the seller and their agent (if they have one), title company representative, closing agent, the lender (if you have one), your agent, and you of course.

Absolutely! We are always striving to give the best advice and customer service to our clients. We always stay up to date on the current market, rates, and homes, bringing you the latest advice we can.

Home repairs can get expensive and there are a lot of different things that can go wrong, such as appliances, AC, Plumbing, electrical, and refrigerators. Depending on how old the house is, you might not need a home warranty. There are a lot of variables to consider and would
largely depend on a person’s situation.

Sellers and their agents need to see how much other homes in the neighborhood are selling for and comparable homes (comps). Once determined, you are able to roughly gauge how much a house is worth. Depending on the market, your real estate agent might recommend you offer 5%, 10% more than listing to compete with other buyers, sometimes less.

Renting an apartment or house for the first time can be difficult, as an individual needs to have proof of income, job, and good financial wellbeing. Most landlords ask for a deposit that is 1-4 months of rent before signing the lease and with some, a safety deposit. Depending on the landlord, some may have different fees, plus renters will need to include utilities as well.