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May 21, 2022


Applying for a mortgage could hectic at times. It’s important to know where to go when applying for a mortgage loan, and one of them is a Michigan Mortgage Broker. In this article, you will understand why reaching out to a Mortgage Broker is the best option.

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Why a Michigan Mortgage Broker?

A Michigan Mortgage Broker shops for the best rate for his clients. Mortgage Broker have the ability to price different lenders and banks, while a bank can only provide you their current rates and cannot shop for you. A Michigan Mortgage Broker is a licensed individual through the NMLS and went through extensive training and hours of studying. In addition to the training, Mortgage Broker has to go through a tough exam and take additional training yearly, while bank loan officer does not need to be licensed.

Get approved to purchase or refinance your home.

Lowest payment and rates available and customized specifically for you.

Advantages of using a Michigan Mortgage Broker

There are many advantages of using a Michigan Mortgage Broker, and of the benefits are:

1. Shop for the best rate in market
2. Use any Lender or banks
3. Wide variety of loan programs
4. Close faster than banks
5. Professional advice from a licensed individual
6. Save money on closing cost
7. Mortgage Broker are accessible on weekends, Banks are NOT!
8. Support local businesses in your area


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Does A Michigan Mortgage Broker Saves You Money?

YES! A Michigan Mortgage Broker can save so much more money than a bank. Also at times, a Mortgage Broker can have much less overlays than a bank you want to work with. Always shop for your mortgage by getting different opinions. Less fees doesn’t mean better, sometimes a lender can give you a higher rate to credit you some money back.

Best Tip:

Shop for your mortgage! Do not settle with the first estimate you receive.

Do Mortgage Broker Do The Same As A Bank?

Yes- Michigan Mortgage Brokers do the same as a bank.  The most popular loan programs are: FHA loans, Conventional loans, VA loans, USDA loans, but the only difference, sometimes Mortgage Brokers can have other programs that a normal bank does not provide like, Bank Statement Loans, No Income Loans, DSCR Loans.


At Best Mortgage, we always strive to give our borrowers the best solutions with our extensive network of lenders and devoted loan officers. We make the application process as easy as possible and our team is dedicated to helping our borrowers in achieving their dream of homeownership. Our loan officers are always ready to help you navigate the mortgage preapproval process. For more information call (734) 519-1827.


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